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The plastic products to use skills in life
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Bottles don't be a water container

Poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic material is used for water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, heat to 65 ℃, resistant to cold - 20 ℃, and suitable for the warm drinks or room temperature, easy to heat deformation. Studies have reported that bottles for use after 10 months, may release the plasticizer, so don't use bottles as water containers. Online have reported that bottled water exposure in the car, will produce harmful material such as plasticizer. But in recent years the domestic related research confirmed that a complete package of bottled water is no plasticizer exhalation inside 7 days of exposure, the total number of colonies did not see obvious changes. If it's open a bottle of drinking bottled water, because the bacteria to enter the outside world, under the condition of high temperature, easily lead to bacterial growth.

Some lunch box cover can not be into the microwave oven

Polyethylene and polypropylene two monomer low boiling point, volatile, generally there is no residual problems. Food grade low density polyethylene used in food packaging of plastic wrap and under the condition of normal temperature is safe, but if the temperature over 110 ℃ hot melt phenomenon would appear, may precipitate harmful substances; And heating food with plastic wrap, food easy to precipitate the harmful material will cling film of grease. With the microwave food, therefore, should first remove the plastic wrap. Polypropylene is the only can be put into the microwave microwave boxes plastic box, although some microwave boxes of box body is made, polypropylene but the lid is made of PET, because the PET can't tolerate the high temperature, so can't together with the box body microwave heating

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