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Pay attention to use environment and conditions to use plastic products do not need to worry
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"Plasticizer", "bisphenol A" nouns and living in various "plastic lunch box after high temperature heat release toxic substances such as rumors that makes A lot of people talk about" plastic ", began to suspect in life to use all kinds of plastic products: plastic lunch box, plastic cups, plastic... But experts say plastic products is very safe, as long as the life of all kinds of plastic products using the environment and conditions, avoid high temperature for a long time, really don't need to have too much concern.

[plastic lunch box, water glass (PP)]

Don't continue high temperature use

Reporters visited the market found that now the plastic lunch box is almost all "PP" material, some plastic cups and this kind of material, namely "PP", code-named "5". Recently plasticizer event makes many consumer panic, but the national chemical building materials test center, deputy director of the east mei said there was no need for senior engineers, because this kind of material "in the process of production is not actually add" plasticizer ". She is introduced, this kind of material heat resistance level relative is much better than the other materials, can be used in microwave oven.

But she suggests that before using this material box the consumers to view the instructions, and be careful not to use beyond use shows that the temperature of the environment, or long time high temperature heating. "Heating time can't more than 3 consecutive minutes every time, although the material itself does not contain harmful substances, but a long time can't control temperature, may cause the product deformation, affect the service life."

[water bottles (PET)]

Repeated use for a long time because of health

In the life of the most common plastic products is the water bottles, some people like to use for many times, some people even use them to dress up the wine, and other items, but in recent years has been doing the rounds that: "water bottles is a one-off products, harmful material use to make bottle precipitation for many times." This is the case?

East MeiJieShao, mineral spring bottle material is PET (polyethylene terephthalate oxalic ester), digital, code-named "1". This kind of material is not only used for water bottles, more can also be used for clothes, non-woven fabric, etc. The reporter understands, in addition to water bottles, some cans is also one of the material.

With "use for a long time this kind of material will release harmful substances" statement on the contrary, the east mei said that this kind of material is normal use repeatedly for many times is no problem, "not to say that the plastic is used long will bring harmful substances", long-term repeated use is not recommended because the material is hard to disinfection, if used, is difficult to guarantee health conditions, may lead to health problems. But she also explain, many times to use the premise of no problem is established under the normal use of the environment, "this kind of material is not resistant to high temperature." Usually if used for holding water, an intuitive response is "the bottle deformation". "But no studies have shown that short dress hot water will not make this kind of material will break down, or degradation of the hazardous substances." She suggests that, for the sake of the health consideration, consumer is best not to have been repeatedly used for a long time the water bottles.

[cling film, plastic bag (PE)]

Had better not into the microwave oven

Cling film, plastic bag is also a common plastic products in the home, the material is polyethylene (PE), but the reporter understands there are plenty of high density polyethylene (PE - HD, code-named 2), have a plenty of low density polyethylene (PE - LD, code-named 4).

East MeiJieShao, more PE used in plastic bags. This material is composed of hydrocarbon, and does not contain benzene, under the condition of low temperature and room temperature using has any problem, but she does not recommend the food wrapped in cling film, plastic bag in the microwave, "in the process of material damage can not predict what there will be a problem." Experts suggest that, at present a lot of food with plastic bags and PE material, consumers used it to dishes, fresh products is completely feasible, but she suggest that black is likely to be recycled plastic, plastic bags cannot be used for holding food.

[plastic bucket, cup (PC)]

Avoid using the drink hot water

Reporter saw from the market, there are some plastic cups, plastic bowl, the material of bottled water bucket marked "PC", according to introducing, this kind of material called "polycarbonate", in the national standard "plastic logo" (GB/T16288-2008), its code-named "58". While in the previous national standard, to "7" instead, the reporter sees the market and there are still many products to be code marked as "7". PC, especially in the shock resistance, high toughness, high transparency.

The reporter understands to consult the data, May 30, 2011, China's ministry of health and so on six departments jointly issued A notice, from September 1, prohibit the import and sale of polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bpa. Announcement shows that "bisphenol A can, through the migration of food packaging materials and containers to food". Although "extremely trace, and have not found bpa adverse effect to human body health, but given that infants and young children are sensitive to people, to prevent food safety risks, protect the infant health, decided to ban bisphenol A is used for babies and infants milk bottle".

East may suggest, drink hot water had better not use "polycarbonate plastic cup", "promote aging, and can't determine whether can because of long time high temperature and precipitation hazardous substances."


Plastic products use advice

1. Pay attention to all kinds of plastic products using the environment and conditions, it is best not to mix. "Turned out to be oil drain can put oil, then the original costumes cold water don't used to hold water."

2. In the light of the oil with special performance, easy to make the product happened swelling, and grease is easy to change according to the environment, in the life, edible oil and oil products should be careful to use plastic products serving.

3. Some plastic lunch box box body quality as "PP", but the lid material is not a "PP", must pay attention to in the microwave.

4. Plastic products are generally suggest using 30 ℃ environment under the melting point, if exceeded using temperature range, no matter whether will release toxic substances, at least "damage product life". In addition, the plastic products actually is a kind of material is very safe, consumers don't have to "afraid of their own shadows," as long as not in high temperature plastic products, basic it is no problem. As for some needs under the environment of electricity use plastic electric kettle, plastic products such as electric meal bao, not recommended for use in high temperature environment for a long time.

5. Plastic cup to drink warm water or cold water, only if you are going to just to boil water to drink, tea, coffee, etc., it is best to use the instruments of other materials.

6. Proposal in normal supermarket to buy brand products, if there is a thick plastic products, purchase and use is not recommended.

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