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How to use security plastic products
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General plastic products above some symbol of the triangle is recycling, there is a number, here is the PP or PE. It's like every plastic container id, their material is different, have different use.

The meaning of the Numbers represent

"01" -- PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, carbonated beverage bottles are made of this material. Dong jinshi pointed out that the bottles can't cycle using hot water, heat to 70 ℃, this material is only suitable for the warm drink or beverage, with high temperature liquid or heating is easy to deformation, are harmful to human body material dissolution. Also, scientists have found that this kind of plastic products used for 10 months after the may release carcinogens, toxic to the human body. Ran out of bottles and so on, therefore, was to lose, don't be used as a water bottle, or used to make containers holding other items, so as not to cause health problems.

"02" - HDPE (high density polyethylene) bearing cleaning supplies, bath products of plastic containers, the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping malls are made this kind of material, resistant to high temperature of 110 ℃, indicating the food with plastic bags can be used for holding food. Guangdong cleaning supplies, bath products of plastic containers can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not good cleaning, residual original cleaning products, become a hotbed of bacteria, clean is not complete, it is best not to recycle.

"03" - PVC (polyvinyl chloride) according to introducing, this kind of material of the plastic products easy generation of toxic and harmful substances from the two aspects, one is the production process is not fully single molecule vinyl chloride polymerization, plasticizer of pests. When the two substances in case of high temperature and oil easy to precipitate, toxicant after food enters the human body, easy to cause cancer. At present, this kind of material has been less used in packing food container. If you are using, don't let it is heated.

"04" -- LDPE (low density polyethylene), cling film, plastic film, etc. Is this kind of material. Heat resistance is not strong, usually, the qualified PE cling film hot melt phenomenon occurs on the temperature over 110 ℃, can leave some of the human body cannot decompose plastic preparation. And, heating food with plastic wrap, the fat in food is easy to dissolve the harmful material in plastic wrap. Therefore, food into the microwave oven, to remove the wrapped in plastic wrap.

"05" - made from PP (polypropylene) microwave boxes with this kind of material, resistant to high temperature of 130 ℃, transparency is poor, this is the only plastic box can be put into the microwave, reusable after careful cleaning. Need to pay special attention to is that some of the microwave oven, the box body to 05, PP, but the lid to 06 # PS (polystyrene)) manufacturing, PS good transparency, but not high temperature resistant, so can't together with the box body into the microwave oven. To be on the safe side, before the containers in the microwave oven, first remove the lid.

"6" - PS (polystyrene) which is used in the manufacture of bowl of instant noodles boxes, foamed snack box materials. Heat and cold, but not into the microwave oven, so as not to release chemicals because the temperature was too high. And cannot be used for holding acid (such as orange juice), strong alkaline substances, because will break down the polystyrene is bad for the body. Therefore, you should avoid to use snack box packaging hot food.

"7" - PC and other type of PC is used by A large number of A material, especially used in the manufacture of bottles, space cup, etc., more controversial because of containing bpa. Experts point out that, in theory, as long as in the process of production of PC, bisphenol A hundred into plastic structure, then said products without bisphenol A, not to mention release. Only, if there is A small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into PC plastic structure, which may be released into the food or drink. Therefore, when using the plastic containers should be attention.

Traces of bisphenol A in the PC, the higher the temperature, the more release, the faster the speed. Therefore, should not be to PC bottle of hot water. If your kettle number is 7, the following methods can reduce the risk: do not heat when using, do not in direct sunlight. No, the bowl of dryer clean kettle dishwasher. Before first use, use baking soda wash with warm water, natural drying in room temperature. If there are any hurt or damaged container, we suggest to stop using, because plastic products surface if slightly grooved, bacteria easy to hide. To avoid repeated use of already aging plastic utensils.

The following are some of the common plastics, they may not have any recycling id code, but still has the collection value. Most recyclers will accept these items, so if you happen to have these plastic. Please make sure they can be recycled.

PETE 1 # : soft drink bottles (cover), condiments (ketchup, salad dressing, peanut butter) container

LDPE # 4: frozen food bag, soft honey bottles, bread bags, wastepaper basket

HDPE # 2: shampoo, kitchen cleaner, washing liquid containers, plastic flower POTS

PP # 5: broomstick, brush handle, tissue boxes, white bottle

Fresh food bag, V # 3: wire insulation, water pipe, water pipe, tape, boxes, CD box, a credit card

PS # 6: feet, papers, plastic foam, egg box

Such use plastic products more secure

Painted with plastic lunch box meals don't heated above 140 ℃

Instances have a certain amount of cooking oil plastic lunch box, and then a lid on it in the microwave heating. When the oil temperature of 140 ℃ or so, boxes will become soft.

The problem Clearly written on the lunch box can be put into the microwave, how to also can become soft and melt?

answer Because when heated in the microwave oven, the oil temperature can reach nearly 200 ℃, the highest and the oil amount is larger, the faster the temperature rise. At this point some harmful low molecular compounds in the plastic will melt and infiltration in the cooking oil. Therefore, it is best not to use plastic lunch box in the microwave like boiled fish, braised eggplant oil more food. During the heating of other food also should pay attention to open the lid, heating time not too long, in order to avoid the oil temperature is too high, precipitation of harmful substances.

Taken the country's ban on using foam boxes

Restaurant with packaging of disposable lunch box has a different symbol. Sign for 6 white opaque foam boxes will melt at high temperature, therefore is already banned the use of country.

And mark is also 6 up by click click boxes, is commonly used for packaging of pastry, also cannot be used for packaged hot dishes. Only identified as five disposable lunch box relatively safe to use, but still need to be careful when put in the microwave.

Some boxes can be used in the microwave, the box body was identified as 5, but lifted the lid of the logo is 6, so you cannot microwave along with the box body.

Taken the bottles are best one-time use at room temperature

All kinds of beverage bottle logo is 1, the plastic products with this logo is best one-time use at room temperature. This kind of beverage bottle can only 70 ℃ heat, not boiled water, more should not be in the car for a long time.

Is also a mineral water bottles, big packaging bottles are identified as 2. The plastic shopping bags are mostly used in the supermarkets and shopping malls is also made of the material, the material than plastic products identified as 1 more resistant to high temperature.

U don't cover plastic wrap with the microwave food

Food packaging should choose identified as 4 PE cling film, but don't use the microwave food covered with plastic wrap. Because the oil in food can make toxic substances precipitation, girls with plastic wrap is not safe to lose weight.

Is also a plastic wrap, identified as 3 is PVC plastic wrap, was identified as 4 PE cling film. Although PE cling film stretch of viscosity, transparency and sex than PVC cling film, but the logo is 4 PE cling film on the use of more secure.

Taken to avoid food containing fat is stored in the plastic products for a long time

It is best not to long-term food containing fat is stored in the plastic products. If you want to use plastic products serving food, had better choose colorless plastic products.

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