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Biological plastic development space is large
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Nowadays plastic has entered every aspect of our lives, from the beginning is not accepted by now almost inseparable, plastic industry will see the rainbow after wind and rain. However, along with the use of plastic products, plastic waste are piling up, and has no degradation. Although bring convenience to our daily life, it brings to the society on the environment.

In order to control environmental pollution, the state issued the corresponding environmental protection policy, encourage people to energy conservation and environmental protection, green emission reduction at the same time, along with the growing awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection biodegradable material. And biological plastic with no oil products, after use will decompose the advantages of itself, is instead of traditional plastic into our lives.

Bioplastics refers to the natural substance such as starch based plastics generated under the action of microorganisms. It is renewable, environmentally friendly. Biological plastic not only friendly to the environment, its adaptability to the body also is very good, could be used in the production can be absorbed by the body of postoperative sutures and other medical products.

In the automotive and electronics industry demand for new applications will drive the plastic, the main performance improvement will benefit from biological plastic technology, technological innovation. Although packaging will remain dominant market position, it is expected the share dropped by 65% in 2007 to 40% in 2025. By 2025, Asia will be biological plastic market leader, accounts for about 32% of the market, followed by Europe accounted for 31%, the United States accounted for 28%.

In our country, the biggest production base of biological research and development of plastic, also have happiness in wuhan jiangxia industrial park construction, after the completion of the base capacity can be up to 100000 tons of plastic, however, how to go from the daily environmental protection plastic fields of thin profits, shifting to a high value-added industrial environmental protection plastics field, it is the base of the common challenges facing the national biological plastic enterprise.

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