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The global plastics industry recruitment difficult problems Be badly in need of solution
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Enterprise cannot leave the machinery and equipment and operating machinery and equipment for the production of employees, and how to operate these high-tech equipment is a popular skill, the talents as a focus of the industry, some less popular industry is now a worker is hard to find, hire difficult became many industries in China are faced with the problem, for now, as global vigorously promote transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing stage, but frequently face "equipment accessible, mechanic is hard to find" awkward situation.

Modern manufacturing services at home, though our country mechanical industry has made some achievements, but the gap is larger than the manufacturing industry in developed countries, the development level is still in its infancy, there is a small overall size, level is not high, unreasonable structure, system reform and mechanism innovation lag and so on. Modern manufacturing service industry development lags behind, has become China's manufacturing industry to speed up the adjustment of industry structure, the transformation of the mode of economic growth weak links.

At present, the equipment manufacturing industry is facing a shortage stage, more force industry labor costs rising, therefore, a lot of equipment manufacturing enterprises are abandoning traditional scale operation mode, defected to the intelligent development. According to industry research institution research high production forecast, China industrial robots is in 310 billion yuan - 310 billion yuan output value space. Expert analysis, the robot industry chain including upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Key parts Among them, the upstream China lacks, and foreign technology gap is larger. Therefore, the international robot enterprises to break into the Chinese market.

In foreign countries, the British association of plastic (BPF) to hire the situation involved plastic enterprises for the poll. Survey, the entire British plastic industry is facing the same labor shortages, and the difficulty of job difficult. BPF in the survey, released its latest report points out that the current employment situation in the second half of the year on year British plastic industry deteriorated. More than a third of respondents said this year is bad for workers, and skilled technical workers more difficult. Polls in the same period last year, nearly two thirds of the enterprise is optimistic about the job, they called to recruit workers is a easy thing. Now, however, that figure has been reduced to 44%.

Influenced by recruitment difficult events, the many stakeholders plastic enterprises said that despite the current economic environment and industry trend has begun to recovery, however, to be conservative, they did not intend to massive investment or expansion this year. According to the BPF, in addition to human factors, the electric power, oil and other energy problem is plastic industry "make" an important factor in this year. 43% of respondents said that crazy rising electricity prices make them face enormous cost pressure. Once mismanagement, the company will be the risk of facing reshuffle.

Although the 2014 British plastic industry is facing a series of problems, however, chairman of BPF PeterDavis still have confidence in it. "In our association of more than 400 members, 108 companies agree that 2014 is the plastic industry a golden opportunity to seek breakthrough. Many large-scale manufacturer of plastic machinery manufacturers, suppliers of raw material, mould, regeneration agent said the markets are optimistic about this year's British plastic industry." Davis, when accepting a reporter to interview.

Plastic industry in continuous development at the same time, also the corresponding problem, as recruitment difficult problem facing today. To overcome this problem, there are a lot of methods. And select a suitable method is very important, now can improve staff wages to alleviate the dilemma, but this is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure method. To fundamentally solve the problem or improve equipment performance and function, to fully automated production efforts, with machinery to replace manual is the ultimate goal of production.

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