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India's revised food with plastic colorant standards
Click:1400  Date:2014-03-26 

Standards, according to Indian media reported recently, India has to modify the old food in plastic colorants standard, the new standard is expected to officially debut.

Indian bureau secretary Gupta said, compared with the old IS9833 standard, the revised food with plastic colorant standard puts forward more strict requirements on food packaging business. The new standard based on the situation of India also draw lessons from the United States FDA and the European Union EC directive.

Studies show that food packaging produced after using colorant on human health is present the possibility of the negative transfer. To protect the interests of consumers and to make sure food packaging business practice in using colorant, Indian standards as early as 1981 issued IS9833 standard plastic colorants (i.e., the current food standard).

Standards in the next 30 years, India has been committed to the revision of the standard. To better adapt to the change of environment and industry development, after the bureau after two years of overhauling, has basically completed the process of making the new standard.

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