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Plastic beads polluted waters New York state legislation or disabled
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The state of New York or disable beads would be the first domestic legislation. Critics claim that the beads made of PE or PP will cause great pollution to the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Action without beads waters (Microbead - Free Water Act) proposal aimed directly at this years in various kinds of beauty products and cosmetics popular round beads.

Critics pointed out that the problem is that although in washing daily dirt, we will feel that these beads are very nice, but eventually they will be into the sewer. Since then, become a pollution source is just a matter of time, because the beads are too small, the water treatment plant is difficult to find.

By the environmental group 5 gyres Institute, some consumer products companies, including Johnson & Johnson, unilever, has agreed to remove the beads in their products.

But 5 gyres Stiv strategy director Wilson said, deal with individual companies and products speed too slow, legislation is the fastest way to drive change.

"I don't want to play whack-a-mole. Numerous product with beads, the law is the most effective way to be out." He said.

New York is one of the first propose legislation area, several other states will also launch similar legislation in this year or next. Wilson points out that California could put forward legislation on Thursday at the earliest.

"I think it will happen large-scale domino effect not only at home, in the world. We have launched a campaign to a series of for this problem." He said.

Sponsored by New York state attorney general Eric T.S chneiderman and state senator Robert Keith weeney released, hope "in New York state is prohibited to produce, manufacture, distribute and sell any beauty products containing 5 mm below the plastic beads or other personal care products and cosmetics." The justice department's office said.

Justice minister, said the beads in the grind arenaceous cream, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc all can find. They have replaced some natural grinding materials, such as crushed walnut shells and sea salt.

"When people realize this problem, the more they are not willing to continue to use these products containing plastic beads, at the expense of water quality." Environmental protection committee, President of New York state legislature Sweeney said in a statement.

"I've never met anyone want their face or eat the fish in plastic." He said.

After 5 gyres did survey, found in two different lake Erie water samples, containing 600000 beads every 1 square kilometers.

A common cleanser can contain 350000 beads, Wilson said: "we are through these beads will be a lot of plastic into the environment."

In addition, 5 gyres, points out that beads lead to water pollution, and survive in the ocean or lake fish will feed on these beads, human eat such fish, can cause potential harm to health.

"We are by no means the plastic group. We just don't want such substances into the environment." Wilson explains.

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