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In the face of economic growth is slowing Plastic industry in India called for tariff increases
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As India's economic growth fell to lowest in a decade, India's plastic industry constantly ask the government to raise tariffs and curb imports, especially from southeast Asia and China's imports.

India's influential all India plastic manufacturers association has been presented in the international exhibition on plastics and rubber industry (2013) Plastivision during at public BBS repeatedly urged the government to asean countries and China's imports of plastic products 20% tariff is imposed.

This trade show held in mumbai in mid-december, managers talked about at the meeting industry long-term development potential of India, by 2020 polymer consumption is expected to double to 20 million tons.

In spite of this, all areas from industry, including materials, machinery and processing field, managers are calling for further raise tariffs, in their words, to establish a fair competition environment against unfairly priced imports.

India, the leader of plastic machinery industry group said he after assessment of the government is expected to further extend the high anti-dumping duties on chinese-made injection molding machine.

India's resin industry recently raised tariffs on imported materials, from 5% to 7.5%, but the all India plastic manufacturing association expressed strong opposition, because it can improve the Indian injection molding the production cost of enterprises and other processors.

Small industries also issued a similar calls. India regeneration equipment manufacturers Vipul Plastic Machinery Pvt Ltd. Company told exhibition official newspaper in an interview, the government should be a higher tariff on chinese-made regeneration Machinery.

Management committee chairman of the all India plastic manufacturing association Arvind Mehta said that 90% of India's manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. He has a speech pointed out that a free trade agreement with asean countries, leading to Indian companies than duty-free imports at a disadvantage.

He told the news of plastic, there are signs that signed a free trade agreement with asean, resulting in a large number of plastic products, harm the interests of Indian companies. "Now we're going to pay the 7.5% or 8% taxes to the government. This difference is very big."

He said, "we are not against imports. We are only required to provide a fair competition environment to survive for the domestic industry."

The all India association of plastic manufacturing was first put forward in September for the request of the plastic products to raise tariffs, to seek the aid of government in a larger range. At the same time, they say, the falling of the Indian rupee has greatly increased the cost of imported materials.

It is unclear whether the government will be how to make, but a minister at the conference made defence of free trade agreement.

India's national chemicals and petrochemicals joint secretary Avinash Joshi says asean trade agreement in both the import and export is done very balance. This and other senior officials recently printed media interview attitude, think these agreements promotes the increase of trade volume.

He did not directly respond to a request for tariff increases, but said India enterprise itself exists all sorts of problems, such as smaller enterprises, should be to find a way to improve themselves, such as can through increased research and development.

He in conference meeting leaders of more than 100 industry association, said the current views on the development of the industry is very short-sighted.

Also urged India to attend the conference, a spokesman for the other enterprises to improve capital management, or to take similar to German VDMA machinery industry trade association's code of conduct.

Joshi said that the government needs to take measures to improve infrastructure, also singled out plastic industry of India port.

Although government officials defended trade agreements, but India's plastic machinery association chairman, said the government is expected to be extended in 2009 began to levy of anti-dumping duties on Chinese injection molding machine.

Association President, Mamata Machinery Pvt Ltd., chairman of the board of directors of the company Mahendra Patel asked whether they will extend the anti-dumping said, "that's for sure. We are so sure, because we urge, and all the signs are good."

Injection molding machine anti-dumping duties has great influence on some Chinese machinery maker, for some companies, the tax rate is as high as 223%.

Ningbo sea too Shen Yubiao plastic machinery co., LTD., said in an interview on the window sill, the company annual sales to India before anti-dumping duties imposed hundreds of machines, and now only about 15 units per year. He said, the company's participation is India's market potential for a long time.

India's some material suppliers to raise tariffs is very welcome. Indian oil company, for example, in particular, said in its annual report to raw materials tariffs to 7.5% will help it improve profitability.

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