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The eu will ban since 2020 burning plastic
Click:1384  Date:2014-03-26 

The European parliament adopted a resolution, the European Union countries since 2020 will be a total ban on burning plastic (10955, 5.00, 0.05%).

Plastic is a kind of pollution is also a kind of special resources. Want to use it as a resource utilization, still need more to try and explore. Currently in 28 eu member states, the plastic products of widespread abuse, of which only 25% of the plastic products can be recycled, cause serious pollution to the environment. The European parliament that this mainly because of imperfect legislation and enforcement, later need to develop more coercive measures, for example, since 2020, will ban the use of toxic plastic products and additives.

At the same time, the European parliament within this year the European commission should make relevant measures to promote the recycling of plastic products. According to the European parliament and environmental experts have estimated that if the garbage management and processing rules to execute completely, by 2020 the eu countries will be able to save 7.2 billion euros a year.

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