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Use has exquisite plastic daily necessities
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A mention plastic daily necessities, I think everybody on the psychology is very complex. On the one hand, plastic daily necessities is plastic and plastic belongs to polymer chemistry material, some components will be harm to human health; On the other hand, our life without it, everywhere. Which made us in "inevitable, return can return" awkward situation, so we only have better to understand it, understand it, enemy and know yourself, it will occupy the initiative.

Recently on the Internet "a sign of plastic daily necessities" has caused a lot of consumer attention. Before knowing, some families, food stalls, using a variety of plastic bottles, soy sauce, cooking oil, vinegar, etc., not to pay attention to the bottom of the bottle have logos, Numbers are few. More in the family is given priority to with the old man, threw a pity they think plastic, in order to save and reuse, and think that this kind of plastic bottles washed after is very safe, not clear plastic bottle hidden toxicity. , many consumers learned from the Internet after the "plastic daily necessities of the logo", the home some logos, the scope of the improper use of plastic daily necessities clean up.

After understanding, we should correct purchase and use of plastic daily necessities. When buy, had better choose normal manufacturer production product, carefully identify at the bottom of the logo, those who have obvious smell smelling not buy as far as possible; When used for the first time, had better use baking soda wash with warm water, not in the sun point-blank, as well as those bottles it is best to use time, repeated use, aging, deformation, also easy to breed bacteria, adverse to health.

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